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What started as a product to fulfill a personal need has now become a product that I want to share.

I had reached a point where my eating habits were having a negative effect on my health.  I could either do something about it or continue as is.  As many of you know, making that decision is not as easy as it seems.  It is not a decision that family and friends can convince you to make, but rather a personal decision that you have to want to make.  I was finally at the point where I was ready to make that decision.

Different diet philosophies work for different individuals.  I am the type of person where I knew I could not ’go on a diet’, but rather I needed to change my diet (eating habits) as a way of life going forward.  After doing my research, I found that the Paleo/Primal diet fit best with what I was attempting to accomplish.  The only difficulty that I encountered was finding something that was quick and easy to replace my weekday breakfast of instant oatmeal that I had lived on for 15+ years.  A granola type product seemed to be the best solution.  Unable to find what I was looking for and at a price I was willing to pay in the retail market, I came to the conclusion that I needed to make my own.

After some trial and error I finally created a recipe that I was happy with.  After months of sharing with family, friends and co-workers and receiving a tremendous amount of positive feedback, I became convinced that this was a product that I wanted to share with you.

Thus the Nut n’ Pip Paleo Bar was born.

Opened Bar

This product is not just for those individuals that follow that Paleo/Primal lifestyle, but also for those of you that are gluten free, vegetarian or are just looking for an all-natural healthy meal to include in your diet.  Make no mistake, the Nut n’ Pip bar is a meal.  At approximately 2 oz. per bar, it is close twice the size of most comparable products.  It is made of all natural ingredients with no additives or fillers and will satisfy your hunger.  Whether you keep it in your desk at work or take it on the hiking trail; you won’t be disappointed.



Our product line has expanded over the years and now consists of the original Nut n' Pip Paleo Bar, the Nut n' Pip Holiday Paleo Bar (available seasonally), the Nut n' Pip Vegan Paleo Bar, Nut n' Pip Paleo Crumble, and Nut n' Pip Taco Seasoning.

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